Review: Inkey List Salicylic Acid Cleanser

For those who are prone to acne, The Inkey List Salicylic Acid Cleanser can be a staple in any beauty care routine. This product works great for removing make up, promoting an even tone skin, preventing breakouts or blackheads, reduces any appearance of enlarged pores, and even controls oil.


APPLICATION: It’s all very easy, just use in the morning and evenings. Ride it off with water and continue with the rest of your skincare routine.

SCENT: This is an unscented product.

PACKAGING: It comes in a box with some instructions and ingredients. The product is in a plastic bottle, similar to what you would find for other cleansers and toners. To apply the product, simply squeeze the bottle.

FORMULA & TEXTURE: This product is more of a gel texture. It foams when you lather it and feels light.

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Most notable is the zinc compound that helps to control any excess sebum. Also included is allantoin which acts as a soother and protectant. The salicylic acid helps with breakouts.


The company has confirmed that the product is cruelty free and they do not test on animals or use any animal ingredients, therefore it can be considered vegan.

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This product works really well for keeping your skin clear. It’s affordable and can be used with any skin care routine. Give it a try!


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